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Are you an event organiser, activity provider, attraction or business looking to reach families in Stroud?

Stroud Rocks is the ultimate guide for families living in and visiting Stroud, featuring places to visit, parks, groups, classes, pubs, events, party providers and independent businesses. We collate all the information into an easy-to-use resource, matching families with suitable activities, events or businesses in just a few clicks.

We launched in 2023 but already receive hundreds of visits a month from families searching for ideas and inspiration.

We rank on the front page of Google for 'whats on today in Stroud', 'family events in Stroud', 'holiday clubs in Stroud', 'baby classes in Stroud', 'toddler classes in Stroud' and lots more.

We aim to provide low-cost advertising opportunities for local businesses whilst creating a handy website tool for families to get the most out of their free time together in and around the town.

Advertising on Stroud Rocks is free for community groups and charity fundraising events, with pay annually or pay monthly options for businesses.

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