Stroud Rocks

Marvellous Mini Museums: Family Drop in Workshop


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Come along to design and make your own mini museum. 

Wednesday 29th May 11am - 3pm
Museum in the Park

A museum is a collection of interesting things, displayed so that people can enjoy looking at them and finding out about them. Perhaps you will decide to fill your mini museum with fossils you are fascinated by, dinosaurs you dream about, artworks you admire, or objects from history and long ago. Maybe you will create labels to help people learn about what is in your museum and take it home to offer your family and friends a guided tour of it. 

This fun activity can be enjoyed by children of all ages (though some little ones might need some grown-up help) and we look forward to seeing what you imagine, design and make.

For families with children aged 5+. A drop in workshop, no need to book, cost £1 per child .


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