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Why not book a game in one of our escape rooms?! 

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We have two games to choose from:
The Pharaoh’s Curse - Enter the Tomb. Solve the Secrets. Break the curse.

Witch Way Out - The Witching Hour. Enter the Coven. Cast the spell. Summon the wise witches back.

What’s it all about? Our escape rooms are starter difficulty, family friendly environment. The goal is to escape the room through solving a series of puzzles in under an hour

How many people can play? Each game is for up to 6 people. Games can be operated at staggered times, so we can accommodate parties of up to 12 players

When can I play? We have games available on Friday evenings, and on Saturday and Sunday daytime and evenings. However, please get in touch through the contact page if you require a time not currently scheduled. We aim to be as flexible as possible and help if we can

How do I book? Please book using the diary at the bottom of this page

Where are you? We’re located in the heart of Dursley, Gloucestershire and a short walk from local cafes, pubs and shops

How much is an Escape Room Game? Games cost £72 for up to 6 players. 

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I don’t know that many people - can we play with fewer people? Yes! We offer a £10 discount for only 2 players
I have too many friends! What can I do? Lucky you! If you happen to bring a 7th player with you (we hate to leave odd ones out!) there will be a charge of £10 that will be taken on arrival at the escape room (cash or contactless.) Or why not book both rooms - we can accommodate parties of up to 12 players

Please note the games are designed for 6 players and so additional people will alter the experience

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