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FunkyMunky Music is THE place in the Stroud area for funky, fun-filled music, movement and song sessions, for all toddlers and pre-school children. Using a variety of songs, incorporating rhythm movement and the use of props, children are encouraged in their personal, social and emotional development.

Use of props such as finger puppets, rhythm sticks, bunny ears, play parachute and bubbles increases the fun and encourages participation with songs new and old. There are frequent movement opportunities which serve to develop both fine and gross motor skills and encouraging children to link movement with sound and words, all of which underpins literacy. By learning simple co-ordination of their bodies, speaking and memorising rhyme and keeping in rhythm to a steady beat, children can be actively engaged in developing their literacy skills.

  • Develop both fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop confidence and social skills
  • Developing literacy skills
  • Have lots of fun!

Tuesdays & Fridays @ Stroud Cricket Club: 10am - 11am

Thursdays @ Eastcombe Scout Hut: 10am - 11am

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