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It was a really hot day when we ventured to Saul Junction for the first time. We walked a couple of miles down the towpath (followed the whole way by a family of swans) and then turned round and walked the same way back because there were some boats that Honey and Ace wanted to see again! You can also download a map and activity sheet from the Canal River Trust if you would like to follow a more formal/less repetitive route. The children loved seeing all the different boats moored up and waving to the ones driving by, they also loved watching the road bridges open and close whenever a boat needed to get through.

On our way back, we got to see a boat being lifted out of the water by a crane, then stopped at The Stables cafe for an ice cream, both of which just about made Ace's life! 

The car park is on the right directly after the bridge and is Pay and Display. There are customer toilets at The Stables Cafe, as well as at the visitor centre.

Walk info from Steph, Honey and Ace ♡ Follow their adventures on Instagram or the StephLovesHoney blog.

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