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Have you done any of the Stroud Food and Farm Trails? We walked the ice cream trail earlier this year, starting at Stroud train station, making our way down the canal and across the fields towards Rodborough Common. There were a couple of steep hills, but the kids were well and truly motivated by the promise of Winstones Ice Cream at the halfway point!

Honey was so happy to see a field of alpacas and goats along the way, she was really torn between the ice cream trail and the alpaca trail and we didn’t have time to do both today, so that was a lovely surprise!

Ace liked learning about locks and he also loved finding two tiny libraries on the trail (he picked a Tom Fletcher book to borrow).

Let us know which is your favourite trail!❤️

Parking? Train station or town centre car parks are available. We took the train from Cheltenham as a treat.

Buggy friendly? Lots of bumpy and muddy sections, as well as some steep hills. You’ll definitely need a sling or carrier for this one.

Distance? The trail we chose was approximately 4.5 miles, although we made it a little longer by heading down to the river on our way back, instead of retracing our steps. Here's the map, so you can see the other routes available.

Toilets: The train station toilets were closed (not sure if this was because we were there on a Sunday). There are no other toilets along the route, so be prepared for nature wees.

Stroud Food and Farm Trails - image 1
Stroud Food and Farm Trails - image 1

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